Hello I"m kyle^^

拙失切 : Kyle

拙失析 : 2011-08-31 繕噺 : 1744

Hello^^ Finally it is kyle"s last day in ev^^ Most students ,from batch 85 to 90, already know me cause i"m working here as a student manager:-0 For 5 months i"ve learned lots of things as well as having many friends. i am grateful to everybody who i know and become friends.
Life is this, someday we may be able to meet again. i hope the day will come soon.

Future EV students ^^ Anybody can go thourgh slumps, but don"t forget why you are here.
and live your ev life to the fullest. After then you can realize how helpful this time is.

1. Don"t use korean in class building. the more you try to use english, the faster you can learn.

2. Memorize voca without complaining. Lots of student asked me " do you think memorizing voca is useful?" My answer is always same " yes, even if you can"t use those words, you can hear and recongnize , so believe the effect of memorizing.

3. Enjoy your weekend. According to the rules , you can"t go out on weekday. For cheerful following week , it is necessary to release stress^^ However you must keep curfew

Best luck to every ev students.

Student Manager Kyle


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